A Guide to Buying a new or Used Van

Van Buying Guide
In these pages we give you some information we believe you need to know about buying a van.

This is meant as a guide only. Please make sure that you are 100% happy with any arrangements that you make with the seller of a vehicle.


Remember – if a deal is too good to be true -is usually is. Walk away.


1. Introduction to Buying a new or used van

i) Choosing the right van

ii) Van purchase prices

iii) Van residual prices

iv) Van operating costs

2. What specification of van do you want or need?

i) Get the right Van Specification

ii) Don’t Buy a total Pup!

iii) Consider your Professional Image

3. Where to Buy a Van

i) Vans for sale

ii) Franchised Dealers – New Vans

iii) Van Brokers – New Vans

iv) Independent Used Van Dealers

v) Franchised Used Van Dealers

vi) Van Auctions

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