Nissan Interstar – High Roof, Long Wheelbase Review

If you are looking for a van with a few miles on the clock and a huge amount of capacity, then you should look carefully at the Nissan Interstar in LWB guise with the high roof. In 2007, these vans were about as big as you could get in the 3.5 tonne gross vehicle weight sector, and that remains the case today. This is not a van for document couriers or florists; it is a van for heavy-duty operators who need to transport large quantities over long distances. In short, the Nissan Interstar LWB is the ideal tool for operators who need something just short of truck licence capacity.


Nissan Interstar

Many readers will be aware that the Nissan Interstar is much the same van as the Renault Master and Vauxhall Movano. Sharing development costs and using common platforms is now the way of the world in both the car and van sectors, as companies strive to keep down the huge costs of bringing a new vehicle to market. This makes deciding which model to plump for even more difficult, as the similarities between the vans are so great. One factor which may come into play is the fact that Nissan also makes the Cabstar, so larger operators may be tempted by the prospect of a one-stop shop when negotiating a deal. That is hardly going to influence the average used van buyer, however, so looking closely at the small differences in the specification becomes more important. Most important of all, however, is simply finding a good second-hand example of whatever van you are looking for in the sector.

The Nissan Interstar enjoyed a number of enhancements for the 2007 model year. These included a pretty decent Euro IV 2.5 Diesel engine across the range, tuned to offer either 100hp or 120hp, which simplified engine selection greatly. This power plant was paired with another new driveline component, the six-speed manual transmission. You also get an ESP traction control system, but just as an option, and ABS as standard.

The load space of 14 cubic metres is not quite the largest you will get in the 3.5 tonne GVW sector, but it is more than decent. What is outstanding, however, is the payload of 1.5 tonnes, which means that there is unlikely to be a great need for any extra space.

The engine is torquey and offers that torque at low engine revs, which means that the Nissan Interstar pulls incredibly well and feels like a more rapid van than it actually is. The driver’s seat is excellent and probably one of the best you will find in a van of this age, while the large flat steering wheel reminds the driver that this van has a huge truck-like capacity. The storage options in the cab are great and include two big overhead bins. In short, the LWB high-roof Nissan Interstar is a stellar performer and well worth a good look at in this sector.

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