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David Hill of VIP data gives his view of the state of the van market at present.
Towards the back end of August some light was shining in the trade and people were again out looking in numbers. The last few sales we visited were busier than earlier in the month, and with a few new faces around. Some buyers that have been missing for a while are out and about as well.

David Hill

The market is still buoyant and fairly positive but they are all looking for the same thing, a van out of the box, with low mileage, and of course cheap. Low mileage vans in excellent condition are out there but they are not cheap. The trade have to buy otherwise somebody else will. Private buyers are still savvy when it comes to buying in the open market and will walk away when they have reached their limit. Retail is still slow and the phones are not ringing, I think we need to go back to basics and go out and find the few customers that are out there.

Small vans still have volume in the market and this month Corsa is plentiful and values are down. All Fiestas are very tidy and finding homes. This month sees a new contender in this sector of the market with the introduction of the Mini Clubvan which is sure to be popular.

Berlingo has finally hit saturation point: crew van or vans with top specification with metallic paint sell first – but values are down 5% this month. Transit Connect with good spec and in a nice colour will sell both trade and retail. Caddy is following in its bigger stable mate Transporter’s footsteps. Older vans are easy to sell, even with high mileage, as long as they have service history with later models struggling to achieve Trade money. Sport line models are still very popular and we have increased values on these.

Vivaro is a common sight and still a popular choice with both trade and retail buyers. Standard white and silver vans are still good news even with high mileage. Transit has some volume around now with Jumbo models being rare but they have to be straight. LDV Maxus have all but gone now with the exception of a few red ones but they are a good value van. Daily numbers are up in the trade and although most vans are high mileage, some are managing to achieve Trade value. Long wheelbase Sprinters are now in volume in the open market and values are under pressure. Medium wheelbase models can make as much as a long wheelbase.

The 4×4 market is still busy with some nice Land Rover product around and these are finding buyers first time round. However, Japanese pickups are very specification-sensitive: Leather, SatNav and all the toys have to be fitted to get any interest. Anything scruffy and basic will struggle to achieve average guide prices, Single cab models will always find a buyer and older models are still being exported so values remain buoyant.

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