Ingimex launches a new tail-lift conversion

Ingimex’s new tail-lift conversion comes in at just 160-200kg. Where other manufacturers add a weighty supporting structure; the Ingimex design favours complete integration of the supporting structure of the tail-lift into the dropside body. The end result is a conversion weight solely made up of the weight of the tail-lift itself; thereby minimizing the impact of the tail-lift installation on payload.
The tail-lift installation is also maximum width thanks to positioning of rear corner pillars to prevent obstruction of the loading area. In line with all Ingimex products; the design meets the relevant EU regulations (in this case EN1756-1) and keeps the vehicle legal by including a light cluster system which ensures that lights and number plate are visible when the tail-lift is stowed. Commonality of components across all Ingimex dropside tail-lift installations for the full range of chassis manufacturers, allows Ingimex to offer spare parts on a 24 hour turn-around time.
The Ingimex tail-lift installation is available for a range of chassis manufacturers and the company fits column lifts from several popular manufacturers for this tail-lift conversion, all of these give a half tonne capacity.

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