2012 Model Year NEW Vauxhall Combo – The Full Details

2012 model year Vauxhall ComboThe new Vauxhall Combo sits below its larger stablemates, the Vauxhall Vivaro (up to 2.9 tonnes) and the Movano (up to 4.5 tonnes).  Also available are the car-derived Corsavan and Astravan which complete Vauxhall’s commercial vehicle offering.

Vauxhall has sold the Combo since 1983.  The second generation Combo, which was launched in 2001, won numerous industry awards including the International Van of the Year thanks to its practicality, quality and economy.

Combo has been very successful in the UK market, selling 21,000 at its peak in 2003.  Even during the final phase of its lifecycle, it was second in its segment in the UK, selling over 10,000 last year alone.  All-time European sales approach the 200,000 mark.

Available in two wheelbases, two heights, two gross vehicle weights (2,000kg and 2,300kg), two trim levels and with four engine choices, Combo boasts the highest payload (up to 1,000kg with driver), large load volume (up to 4.2m3), highest rear axle capacity (1,450kg) and longest wheelbase in its sector.  Prices start at £14,703.33 on the road (excluding VAT) for the L1H1 2000 1.3CDTi 16v (90PS) model.

The UK is GM Europe’s biggest commercial vehicle market with sales more than doubling that of the next biggest country.  Last year Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles was number one at retail in the UK, selling an impressive 11,436 vehicles to small businesses.  Vauxhall has sold over 400,000 vans in the UK since 2001.

The UK also remains a strong manufacturing base for Vauxhall, with the Luton manufacturer building more vans in Britain than anyone else.  Vauxhall’s Luton plant recently celebrated a decade of Vivaro production.  Last year the plant won the contract to build the next generation Vivaro, securing local jobs for the next decade.  The Astravan is built at Vauxhall’s facility at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.


New Combo in long wheelbase guise (L2) leads several segments in terms of capacity and payload. Depending on the model variant, the vehicle boasts an impressive set of segment leading stats:New 2012 Vauxhall Combo Load Area

  • Longest wheel base in segment (3,105mm)
  • Biggest payload in segment up to 1 tonne (including driver)
  • Class-leading load capacity in segment with up to 4.2m3
  • Biggest rear axle load in segment with 1,450kg
  • Long maximum load length (2,170mm) and class leading load height (1,550mm)

Even with its short wheel base (L1), the New Combo offers up to 3.4m3 in space (standard roof/H1) or 4.0m3 (high roof/H2). The maximum load length is 1,820mm. The effective load length of the long wheel base model is 2,170mm and can take up to 4.2m3 of cargo.

The dimensions of the load area makes the transportation of bulky goods a simple task. The width of the load area, if measured between the wheel arches, is 1,230mm.  The maximum internal width is 1,714mm. The height of the load area is 1,305mm with a H1 model or 1,550mm in the H2 version. The L1 variants can be fitted with a roof flap, allowing for long items such as ladders, pipes etc.

Another feature of the Combo is the ease of access to the load area. The threshold is just 545mm which makes the loading process easier, as do the asymmetrical back doors. The aperture of the rear door is a width of 1,231mm and a height of 1,250mm (or 1,455mm in the case of the high roof option). Even Euro pallets can be loaded. The tailgate variant is equally user friendly with a width of 1,231mm in its opened state and a height of 1,166mm. If the sliding doors are opened, goods can be comfortably placed inside the bay thanks to a width of 700mm and a height of 1,175mm.

Even in entry level form, New Combo can handle payloads of 750kg including the driver.  However, depending on the engine type, a maximum of 1,000kg is possible. The Combo is also an excellent workhorse and can tow weights of between 1,000kg and 1,500kg.


New Combo has been designed as a commercial vehicle without compromise and the overall exterior reflects its rugged and practical nature.

The headlights are particularly striking with their clear glass and integrated daytime running lights. This combined with the prominent griffin logo adds up to a distinctive Vauxhall front. The Combo comes across as robust with is solid base frame with well-defined bumpers and wheel arches.

The design principle of “form follows function” is expressed with the flat bonnet, the steep angle of the front windscreen and the generous proportions of the wing mirrors, complete with integrated direction indicators and a low line in the rear window. All these features give the driver a clear view of the vehicle’s surroundings and the traffic flow. The taillight sits high up meaning it is easily visible for traffic at the rear and helps protect it from any possible damage.


  • Choice of four diesel units ranging from 1.3 CDTi (90PS) to 2.0 CDTi (135PS)
  • Start/Stop technology combined with low CO2 emissions
  • New longer 21,000 mile service intervals

Vauxhall’s New Combo is on offer with a choice of four diesel powertrains all of which come complete with Start/Stop. 

All four diesel engines come with the latest common-rail technology with a turbocharger and a diesel particle filter. Even the 1.3 CDTi (90PS) entry-level diesel engine with a five-speed manual transmission, delivers torque of 200Nm at 1,500rpm. The ecoFLEX version is capable of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of between 57.6mpg and 58.9mpg, or between 126g/km and 129g/km respectively, depending on the body version, trim and roof height.

Next is the 1.6 CDTi (105PS) producing torque of 290Nm at 1,500rpm. This powertrain also passes on the power to the wheels via a six-gear manual transmission. Fuel consumption lies between 51.4mpg and 54.3mpg, equivalent to between 136g/km and 146g/km in CO2 emissions.

Top of the Combo powertrain range is the 2.0 CDTi (135PS), the most powerful engine ever offered in a Combo. It is equipped with a six speed manual transmission which develops a maximum torque of 320Nm at 1,500 rpm.  Fuel consumption is 50.4mpg and CO2 emissions are 148g/km.

Also available is a 1.6 CDTi (90PS) unit offered with an automated five-speed transmission called Tecshift. In the case of the Tecshift transmission up to 200Nm at 1,500rpm is available, fuel consumption is between 53.3mpg and 57.6mpg and CO2 emissions are 130g/km to 140 g/km.

The reliability of the New Combo engines is highlighted by the long 21,000 miles between service intervals.


  • Agile and safe thanks to sophisticated independent rear suspension
  • Standard equipment includes ABS equipped with electronic brake distribution (EBD)
  • Safety features: airbags, optional ESP with brake assist and Hill Start Assist (HSA)

As with the areas of space and flexibility, the new Vauxhall Combo is a leader in its segment when it comes to handling and safety features.

The innovative and independent Bi-link rear suspension delivers optimum comfort and benign handling. It is also compact and provides a low load height.  With the McPherson strut on the front axle, the Bi-link creates a dynamic, car-like feel on the road, regardless of how much load the vehicle is carrying. The compact dimensions of the rear axle link enable a full loading width of 1.23m between the wheel arches and weight capacity of up to 1,450kgs over the rear axle.

State-of-the art technologies aimed at boosting active and passive safety underscore the high standards of the new Combo. The vehilce is equipped with a driver airbag, while ABS comes complete with electronic brake distribution (EBD).

Customers can choose from further safety options. Front and side airbags are available along with the electronic stability program (ESP) that controls vehicle stability when grip is lost.

The ESP range also includes brake assist that gives the driver maximum braking pressure reserves in case of sudden or hard braking manoeuvres.  The HSA is a further feature of ESP. The HSA facilitates hill starts. It is activated after the brake pedal is released and then maintains the brake pressure for a short while so that the vehicle can move forwards or backwards on hills without rolling.


  • User friendly, ergonomic cabin
  • Comfortable seating enables relaxing long-distance driving
  • Two trim levels: Combo and Sportive

Vauxhall Combo InteriorThe cabin of the new Vauxhall Combo is brimming with practical and user friendly features.

The seats are designed with the commercial user in mind who in many cases is likely to spend a large portion of the working day behind the wheel, or needs easy access in and out of the vehicle. The distinctive contours of the seat cushions and backrests of the driver as well as front passenger seats help to maintain a good body posture. Well-proportioned heating and ventilation nozzles contribute to a healthy interior climate.

The layout of the cabin logical and practical, with a number of well-placed and functional storage compartments.  The lockable glovebox offers good useful storage.

The new Vauxhall Combo satisfies a wide range of diverse customer needs and equipment requirements. The two trim levels – Combo and Sportive – come with a comprehensive array of optional extras and accessories.

Its standard kit, which is much improved over the outgoing model, includes:

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Adjustable steering column (reach and rake)
  • Electric front windows
  • Central locking
  • Driver’s airbag
  • ABS with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD)
  • 12-volt power socket in the dashboard
  • Solid-steel cargo space partition
  • Tyre repair kit (full size tyre is a free-of-charge option)

New Combo introduces a Sportive trim level for the first time. These models combine added driver comfort with a uniquely sporty style that is consistent with other Sportive models on Corsavan, Astravan and Vivaro. Sportive will have additional features over the standard model including air conditioning, metallic paint, body-colour bumpers and door mirrors, nearside sliding door, driver seat with height adjustment, armrest and lumbar support and full wheel covers.

  • Depending on the model, additional options include:
  • Height adjustable driver seat with lumbar support and armrest
  • Additional storage and special fixtures
  • Air conditioning
  • Upgraded infotainment and navigation systems
  • Aux-in inputs for external electronic devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • PVC loading bay cover
  • Sound-insulated cargo space divider
  • Holder for ladders in the loading bay and various other equipment packages

Vauxhall Combo: Technical Data Overview


The naming for the new Combo follows following scheme:

  • L = length               L1= short wheelbase                           L2= long wheelbase
  • H = height              H1= standard roof                               H2= high roof version


L1H1: New Combo with standard wheelbase and standard roof

 Vauxhall Combo Dimensions l1h1

L1H2: New Combo with standard wheelbase and high roof


 New 2012 model year vauxhall combo dimensions l1h2

L2H1: New Combo with long wheelbase and standard roof

vauxhall combo dimensions-l2h1

Engines   1.3 CDTI 1.6 CDTI   1.6 CDTI 2.0 CDTI
Emission classification   Euro 5 Euro 5 Euro 5 Euro 5
Fuel   Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Number of cylinders   4 4 4 4
Displacement in cm³ 1248 1598 1598 1956
Max.output in kW (PS) 66 (90) 66 (90) 77 (105) 99 (135)
  at rpm 4000 4000 4000 3500
Max. torque in Nm 200 200 290 320
  at rpm 1500 1500 1500 1500
Fuel tank capacity in l 60 60 60 60
Trailer load in kg (max)           
Drive 5-speed 5-speed Tecshift 6-speed 6-speed
Unbraked 500 500 500 500
Braked at 12% gradient 1000 1300 1300 1500


  Urban (litres/100km) MPG Extra-Urban MPG(litres/100km) Combined MPG(litres/


in g/km (total)
1.3 CDTI 42.8 (6.6) – 43.5 (6.5) 65.7 (4.3) – 67.3 (4.2) 55.4 (5.1) – 56.5 (5.0) 136-133
1.3 CDTI with Start/Stop 47.1 (6.0) – 47.9 (5.9) 65.7 (4.3) – 67.3 (4.2) 57.6 (4.9) –58.9 (4.8) 129-126
1.6 CDTI with Start/Stop 44.8 (6.3) – 46.3 (6.1) 55.4 (5.1) –61.4 (4.6) 51.4 (5.5) –54.3 (5.2) 146-136
2.0 CDTI with Start/Stop 43.5 (6.5) 55.4 (5.1) 50.4 (5.6) 148
1.6 CDTI with Start/Stop 50.4 (5.6) –51.4 (5.5) 54.3 (5.2) –61.4 (4.6) 53.3 (5.3) –57.6 (4.9) 140-130


Vehicle dimensions in mm    
Length L1/L2 4390/4740
Width including/excluding door mirrors 2119/1832
Height (at kerb weight) L1H1/L1H2/L2H1 1845/2100/1880
Wheelbase L1/L2 2755/3105
Track, front 1510
Track, rear 1530
Turning circle in m  
Wall to wall L1/L2 11.2/12.5
Loadspace Dimensions  
Load area width min./max. 1518/1714
Width between wheel arches 1230
Maximum load area heights H1/H2 1305/1550
Maximum rear door aperture width 1231
Maximum rear door aperture height H1/H2 1250/1455
Loading heights (unladen) 545
Sliding side-access door aperture width 700
Sliding side-access door aperture height 1175
Weight and axle loads in kg   
Curb weight including driver (according to 70/156/EWG) 1270-1415
Permissible gross vehicle weight 2020-2370
Payload 750/1000
Permissible axle load, front 1090-1120
Permissible axle load, rear 1140/1450
Permissible roof load H1/H2 100/0

 Launch Prices – Model Year 2012 Vauxhall Combo

L1H1 Panel Van Price (£)
exc. VAT
RRP (£)
exc. VAT
2000 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) 13,855.00 14,703.33
2000 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop ecoFLEX   13,990.00 14,838.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift 15,490.00 16,338.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 14,790.00 15,638.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) 14,050.00 14,898.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop ecoFLEX 14,185.00 15,033.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift   15,685.00 16,533.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 14,985.00 15,833.33
2000 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) 15,125.00 15,973.33
2000 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop ecoFLEX 15,260.00 16,108.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 16,060.00 16,908.33
2000 2.0CDTI 16v (135PS) Start/Stop 17,160.00 18,008.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) 15,320.00 16,168.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop ecoFLEX 15,455.00 16,303.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 16,255.00 17,103.33
2300 2.0CDTI 16v (135PS) Start/Stop 17,355.00 18,203.33
L1H2 Panel Van      
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift 16,240.00 17,088.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 15,540.00 16,388.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift   16,435.00 17,283.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 15,735.00 16,583.33
2000 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 16,810.00 17,658.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 17,005.00 17,853.33
L2H1 Panel Van      
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) 14,855.00 15,703.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop ecoFLEX 14,990.00 15,838.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop Tecshift 16,490.00 17,338.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 15,790.00 16,638.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) 15,940.00 16,788.33
2300 1.3CDTI 16v (90PS) Start/Stop ecoFLEX 16,075.00 16,923.33
2300 1.6CDTI 16v (105PS) Start/Stop 16,875.00 17,723.33
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