Has your Iveco Daily got a Cat to Protect?

ArmaCat from armaplateTheft-attacks on vans have increased dramatically since the start of the recession and with the sudden increase in the price of metals, thieves have begun to target more than just the cargo areas. Catalytic converters contain rare metals including Palladium, Platinum and Rhodium and represent an easy target to opportunist thieves. Being easily accessible, this low-lying fruit can be quickly harvested with the bare minimum of tools, leaving the van owners with a repair bill of up to £1400, plus all the associated inconvenience and downtime.

Iveco UK Ltd were very quick to respond to the problem and together, we designed a quick and effective security solution in the form of the “ArmaCat” for their Iveco Daily. This device envelopes the catalytic converter in a strong stainless-steel wrap which is then secured to the chassis with an equally strong stainless-steel cable. The device uses high security shear-nuts, making the thief’s tools ineffective.

The unit was rigourously tested to ensure that the ultra-high temperatures of the catalytic-converter would not effect the security device and that the device itself would not alter the efficiency of the cat. The cable is also fitted with a special high-temperature sleeve to prevent any chafing.

The huge success of the Iveco ArmaCat seems to have pushed thieves to pastures new, resulting in other vehicles being targetted by thieves. We have just completed work on the Mercedes range of ArmaCats and our next new model will secure the Vauxhall range of LCV’s, plus a device to protect HGV cats.

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