Multipart cuts price of LDV parts

Multipart has significantly cut the selling prices of 11,000 parts that it holds in stock at its Lancashire distribution centre.
Owners of around 90,000 Pilot, Convoy and Cub models and their predecessors, the 200, 400 and Sherpa models, will benefit from the price cutting exercise, which is on average 15% across the board.
Both captive and competitive parts are included, ranging from body panels, for which Multipart has supply rights following the collapse of LDV, to mechanical and electrical components. Typical examples include a £90 reduction in the price of a Convoy bonnet assembly and a £20 cut in the cost of a steering lock for the Convoy and Pilot models.
Brendan Leach, Multipart director responsible for LDV parts supply, said: “This move will help to significantly reduce their cost of ownership for those many small independent tradesmen who find LDV vans are solid and reliable workhorses. And operators of LDV minibuses will also gain, whether they run their vehicles commercially, or in a welfare or social role.”
Mr Leach added that the price reduction will have particular significance for the independent repair sector. “Bodyshops and garages now know that they can carry out repairs to LDV vehicles using genuine approved parts that meet the manufacturer’s OE standard and can get them from their local LDV dealer at a very competitive price.
Mr Leach’s comments were backed up by John Landon, Chairman of the parts panel of the LDV Dealer Council. “Parts availability for LDV products is holding up well considering that it is now almost a year since any production took place in Birmingham,” he says. “Companies and individuals running these vehicles can be confident that parts can be obtained at these lower prices to enable their van or minibus to be kept on the road.
“Within the 80-strong dealer network we collectively hold in excess of four million pounds worth of parts backed up by stock valued at £10 million held by Multipart and available on the next business day after ordering. All of the LDV dealers operate a daily – sometimes twice daily – parts delivery service both direct to owners or to trade outlets, such as independent garages.”
Multipart is also rigorously pursuing a number of other avenues of supply. Brendan Leach said: “We recognise difficulties with a small number of parts and we are working with our parent company, the TVS Group, to explore the possibility of sourcing some of these from their plants in India and elsewhere around the world. We are also actively engaged in discussions with the new owners of LDV to see if more material can be obtained from that source.”

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