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Ford Transit Sport
As far back as the commercial vehicle show in 2006 saw the launch of the first Ford Transit Sportvan. Only available in a loud metallic blue with the trademark white stripe across the centre of the van, it was an instant success, despite an alleged problem with the tyres wearing out too quickly. A total of five hundred of these vans were made and sold quickly. Later came the subtler, Sea grey version of the Transit Sport, although Ford only made eighty of these.
Five hundred Panther black versions came next and again have all been sold, whilst eighty white and 150 silver versions have also all gone. The newest version is, unsurprisingly in red, (almost the only colour left) and Ford are making just 100 of them available for sale.
All of the Ford Transit Sport vans have had as the base vehicle a 260 SWB driven by the front wheels. Of course it uses the most powerful 4 cylinder diesel, rated at 140PS and is coupled to a 6-soeed gearbox. The bling factor adds 18” alloys and low profile boots, spoilers, skirts and boy racer wheel arches. Inside you get nice velour upholstery, CD stacker, cruise, bits of leather and an alarm. You also get as standard electric lights and wipers but you can fork out for more leather and satnav and even Audi style running lights.

Go on, you know you want to.

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