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Opt for the new ‘Multi-Flex’ dual passenger seat on the Peugeot Partner and – a first for this size of van – you will be able to carry two passengers in the front of the Partner. When folded, this seat significantly increases the load length and overall area.

The interior of the load area is lined for protection – trade up to an SE model and you also get a protective floor covering. Six lashing rings and a simple ladder-style driver protection which can be upgraded to a full bulkhead. Smart unlocking means the driver can unlock the load area without unlocking the cab and vice versa – all from his remote blipper. Go for the optional alarm and the Thatcham rating of the Partner increases from four to five stars

As standard the base Partner ‘S’ comes with no side loading doors – buyers can choose to add one or two to their van, however. Choose the SE model and you get a left hand door as standard – you get both if you order the L2 version. 64cm wide and over a metre tall, these doors are practical enough for everyday use. Barn doors are fitted as standard to the back of the Partner – stack your Euro pallets to 1.2 metres and they’ll still fit in. To help see in the dark there is an internal load light plus a torch that comes as standard higher up the trim levels and as an option across the range.

Safety is covered by a series of smart crumple zones and the availability of up to 4 airbags. You can also opt for a speed limiter, ESP, traction control and hill start.

To power the Peugeot Partner there is a choice of two common rail diesels and a 1587cc petrol. The 1560cc diesels are rated at a choice of 75 or 90PS, whilst the petrol has similar performance in power terms to the top diesel at 90PS, although the diesel has more than half as much torque again as the petrol sibling. The front wheels are driven by a 5-speed gearbox which tops the Partner out at just under 100mph. CO2 emissions are a reasonable 153g/kg for both diesels, whilst the petrol creeps in under 200 at 195g/kg.

The comfortable interior of the Peugeot Partner can benefit from the optional manual or automatic aircon – the standard CD player can be improved by adding the Bluetooth option for handsfree phone operation.

There is plenty of storage in the Partner – behind the steering wheel, chillable compartment on the left hand side, nooks and crannies, some added storage above the driver’s head, a couple of cup holders by the park brake – if you are still thirsty you can fit a 1.5 litre water bottle in the door pockets.

Splash out on rear parking sensors, auto wipers and headlights which stay on after leaving the van for a short while to help you see up the driveway –add to this the automatic foldaway mirrors and the package starts to resemble an executive car.

Extended servicing is available on the Peugeot Partner – cam belts need a change at 150,000 miles and many parts changes are no longer linked to the oil service.

Peugeot Partner customers get a 2-year unlimited mile manufacturer’s warranty and can opt for a third year of dealer cover, which has some stipulations attached – 60,000 miles and a rigid servicing regime since the van was new.

Rather than killing off the previous version of the Peugeot Partner, originally launched in 1996, Peugeot decided to keep it going – rebranded as the Partner Origin. This gave the company a lower priced option and a broader product range.

The current 2008 Model Partner shares its underpinnings with the Peugeot 308 and 3008 and comes in two lengths (L1 and L2), giving two load volumes, and comes as a combi version with an extra row of seats. The Partner has a choice of three trim levels, starting with the S, then SE, then the Professional and buyers can also choose from three payloads

The two load lengths on offer are 1.8 metres – increasing to 3 metres with the front seat folded for the L1 version and 2.05 metres – increasing to 3.25 metres for the L2 model. These load lengths are impressive, considering the van has an overall length of just 4.28 or 4.63 metres.

Load volumes start at 3.3m3, rising to 4.1m3 for the L2 with the folding flat seat. The L1 version comes with a choice of payloads – either 625kg or 850 kg, whilst the longer, L2 version gets just 750kg. Width between the wheel arches of 1.22 metres means that you can squeeze a Euro Pallet inside with millimetres to spare.

The Partner Van also comes as a 5-seat Crew/Combi Van – only available in the longer wheelbase and only in ‘S’ trim and top power 90PS model. The clever folding system for the second row of seats means that when folded the crew van still has the same amount of loadspace as the L1 version of the panel van. With no additional windows this is not a people carrier, but designed to travel shorter distances with passengers on board – it does mean that operators can claim the VAT back, however, as the Peugeot Partner Crew Van is still clearly a commercial vehicle.

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